IT Contracting

IT Contracting

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Your computers and network are essential for your business. This is why we offer expert reliable help and services to businesses in need. We can repair, design, troubleshoot, and maintain your IT equipment. We can also provide solutions to make your network more efficient or to accomplish specific needs you may have.

Let McDonnell IT Solutions fill your IT skills gaps for you and take away the hassle that comes with recruiting.  We believe that IT services should be about partnership, so when we work for you we ensure that we understand and cater to your needs, and strive to give you the best results we can offer to help your business the most.

it contracting
have a look at what we can do for your business - you are our number 1 priority
 Do you have a specific need or you want to accomplish something with your existing technology, but you are not sure how to go about it? Do you have questions? Maybe you have a technology challenge, and you are not sure where to go next or if our services fit your needs. Call us on (044) 9672855 for a consultation. We can help you move in the right direction, and make any process that may seem daunting, an simple process that you have full control over.
 Are you taking advantage of the full potential your network can offer? Or maybe you want to create a new or improve your existing network. We have the answers to all your questions, and we want to help you. This is why we offer a Network Efficiency Analysis to all of our new customers.
We offer 3 levels of contract affordable cover for IT support services for small and medium sized businesses.
Are you having constant issues with your computers in your business, and they don't seem to be working as expected?  Do you keep paying someone to come and fix your business computers just so they break again a month or two later? Are you getting tired of this? We monitor and proactively repair/prevent IT issues before they happen. This ensures maximum efficiency with your network and ensures minimal downtime, if any.
We offer Firewall Installation and configuration, server security and hardening, router security and hardening, security audits, and company wide network policy planning and implementation.
Having a server can help your business tremendously. Trying to figure out if you will benefit from having a server or choosing the right server can be a daunting task. We offer the answers and consulting services for businesses trying to make these decisions. We will sit with you and analyse your existing setup, your current and future business needs, and your goals. We will then tell you exactly what the best solution for your business is, and why.
Moving, relocating, or simply expanding the size of your network? We can project manage and plan the hardware move and make sure everything goes as expected. Moving your network without proper planning can cause unneeded down time. Let us make the transition to your new office painless and simple.

Are you backing up your data? Are you testing your backups to make sure they are good? Do you have a business continuity plan in place? Almost 50% of companies lose money each year from losing their important data. Don’t be another statistic. We can help.


We also offer home & domestic services
Are you having hardware or software issues? Are your programs not working as expected? Are you getting error messages? You can't do something you were able to do before? Do you want to do something but don't know how to do it? Is your computer making strange noises? System crashes? Is your computer "dead"? We can help. Our team of professionals are trained to handle any issue with computers as quickly & efficiently as possible.
 Our expert technicians can get rid of virus infections effectively and fast. We are affordable. We can also install anti-virus and anti-malware software onto your computer, to protect against possible future infections.
 Whether you want to set up a wireless network, or you want to make your home computers "talk" to each other and share files. Or you just simply want to boost your home network. We can help create a fast and simple to use network
 Is your data safe? If your computer crashes, or your laptop gets stolen, can you recover all your important and personal data? Are you just crossing your fingers hoping nothing happens? We can backup your data to a physical drive, or back it up to the cloud, where you can access it anywhere, any time and on any device! You'll never need to fear losing your data with us.
 Do you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1? You have no idea if your computer will support it? Do you want to upgrade your memory(RAM)? Or maybe your videocard? More storage space? We can do this for you and much more.
 Is your computer or laptop too slow and not what it used to be? Let us bring your computer back to life!

 We can setup your e-mail. Want to configure your Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or any other e-mail client application?  We can do this for you. Is your e-mail not working properly? We can solve this for you.